Friday, October 9, 2015

Follow Friday ~ Fab Finds for October 9, 2015

My Fab Finds for this week are (in no particular order)
  1. Who Wants to be a Genealogy Rock Star? I’d Rather be a HERO by Jen Alford, author of Jenealogy
  2. It's Raining, It's Pouring! by Cheri Hudson Passey for Worldwide Genealogy ~ A Genealogical Collaboration
  3. Using the 1890 Civil War Veterans Census by Amy Johnson Crow, author of Amy Johnson Crow Blog
  4. Our Adventures at the Genealogy Roadshow by Dan Young, author of Discovering Your Past
  5. Introducing the Little Family Tree app by Melissa Finlay, author of Finlay Family
  6. Family History Mail by Caitlin Gow, author of Genealogically Speaking
  7. Education–Intermediate AND Education–Advanced by Michele Simmons Lewis, author of Ancestoring
  8. "Finished" Family Line Is Questioned AND How'd She Do That?! : Sharing on Pinterest by Amie Bowser Tennant, author of My Kith N Kin
  9. Should I Trash My Genealogy Papers? by Kerry Scott, author of Clue Wagon
  10. Celebrating My Very Own Patriot! by Jacqi Stevens, author of A Family Tapestry
  11. Tuesday's Tip: Attend, Online, the National Archives Virtual Genealogy Fair on October 21-22 by Randy Seaver, author of Genea-Musings
  12. Family History Eagle Scout Projects by Janet Hovorka, author of Zap the Grandma Gap
  13. Solving a Mystery with Military Records AND Deflecting Web Attacks by James Tanner, author of Genealogy's Star
  14. After One Year: Amazing Support by Joanne Cowden, author of Researching Relatives
  15. Military Monday - Military Service in Sweden by Anna Matthews, author of Tripping Over My Roots
  16. 5 reasons to learn how to use the GRS even if you’re not planning to join DAR by Bryna O'Sullivan
  17. Your Genealogical Education by Sheri Fenley, author of The Educated Genealogist
  18. The Facebook of Their Day by Tien Le, author of The Lazy Genealogist
  19. Contest: Win a Copy of How to Use Evernote for Genealogy from Shop Family Tree by Thomas MacEntee, author of GeneaBloggers
  20. 8 Ways to Celebrate Family History Month! by Allison for Legacy Tree Genealogists Blog
  21. Web Sleuthing––Chattanooga Public Library by Michelle Ganus Taggart, author of A Southern Sleuth
  22. Another Sad Chapter of Reuben Ward, Murdered Minister: A Case of an Insolvent Estate by Dana Leeds, author of The Enthusiastic Genealogist

The 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Challenge by Amy Johnson Crow, author of No Story Too Small -

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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

William Wesley Rardin's Guardian

In a previous post I shared the Last Will and Testament of my 4th great-grandmother Mary (Tyler) Webster. Her grandson William Wesley Webster was mentioned in her will.1 Mary gave William the sum of one-hundred dollars in Item One of her will.

Further research in the probate records on FamilySearch produced this document about William. It's a guardianship record. My records indicate that William was born around 1848. This record was dated 14 October 1858, so William would have been around ten years old at the time.

Transcription of Probate Document
Probate Court Athens County Oct 14th 1858
In the matter of Wm Wesley Rardin Minor child of Samantha Rardin. On motion to the Court It is ordered that Daniel B. Webster be appointed Guardian of Said Minor and that he give Bond in the sum of Five hundred Dollars with Daniel B. Stewart Surity, conditioned according to Law, and thereupon the Said Guardian, having first filed the statement of the Estate of his Said Ward according to Law, appeared in open Court, accepted said appointment, gave Bond accordingly, & having been sworn as the Law directs. Letters of Guardianship were issued to him.
Calvary Morris Prob Judge
William Wesley Rardin's appointed guardian was Daniel B. Webster. William's mother had a brother named Daniel Bromley Webster. So, I think it's safe to assume that William's guardian was his Uncle Daniel.

My knowledge about probate records is not what I'd like it to be. I had questions about guardianship law in Ohio during this time period. I tried to find answers online on my own, but couldn't seem to find the answers I was seeking. So, I turned to Facebook. I belong to several genealogy Facebook groups and asked my questions in two of those groups - Genealogy Bloggers and Genealogy! Just Ask!. I also asked my questions in my own timeline as well. Within a very short time, wonderfully helpful fellow genealogists were coming to my aid. I wondered about the circumstances that would require guardianship of a minor child. For example, would the guardianship mean the child was orphaned?

These wonderful genealogy friends of mine answered my questions. Several people said that no, the child does not have to be an orphan to have a guardian. A couple of interesting links were shared with me as well. Here they are ~ Guardians for the kids? by Judy G. Russell and Ohio Probate Records in the FamilySearch Wiki.

Probate records really are fascinating. They give us an interesting glimpse into the lives of our ancestors.

I found additional probate records that pertain to William Wesley Rardin and will share those in future posts.

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1 "Ohio, Probate Records, 1789-1996," images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 1 October 2015), Athens > Probate journals 1852-1871 vol 1-2 > image 218 of 597; county courthouses, Ohio.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Take Advantage of RootsTech 2016 Early Bird Prices

Can you believe it's already October? Where has the year gone? 

This is just a friendly reminder that the Early Bird discount pricing window for RootsTech 2016 will be closing soon. The Early Bird discount for RootsTech 2016 passes ends on October 15, 2015. That's only a little over a week away.

The savings with the Early Bird discount is quite significant. For instance, the Early Bird price for a RootsTech Pass is $149. Full price for that pass is $249. That's a $100 savings! And the RootsTech + Innovator Summit Pass is $169 versus the full price of $269, another savings of $100! There are other RootsTech Pass options as well. Check out the 2016 RootsTech Pass Comparison chart by clicking HERE

I've already registered and am really looking forward to attending RootsTech 2016. Don't miss out on RootsTech's Early Bird discount prices.

See you at RootsTech 2016!

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Monday, October 5, 2015

FamilySearch and the DAR at The BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy

I attended the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy in July of this year as an official blogger. I had a wonderful time at the conference. This will be my last blog post as an official blogger. I want to thank those in charge of the conference for the opportunity I had to attend and blog about my experiences there.

Here's the view of the BYU Conference Center where the BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy was held.

Upon entering the front doors, this sign greeted us. As you can see from the sign, the Harman Building is to the left and the Conference Center is to the right.

And here's the friendly and helpful staff at the front desk of the Conference Center.

I took the photos above on Friday, July 31st, which was the last day of the conference. The previous day, Thursday, July 30th, I stopped by the rooms where FamilySearch and the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) were located and took some pictures.

When I stopped by the room where the DAR was located I chatted with the very nice and helpful staff. They answered my questions and gave me some pamphlets. I am eligible to join the DAR through my patriot ancestor Dr. Luther L. Waterman, who was a surgeon in the Revolutionary War.

Here are a few photos from their room filled with lovely displays.

This is the display for the Children of the American Revolution.

FamilySearch offered free book and photo scanning in Room 2285. They also had a computer lab in Room 2283.

Here are a couple photos from the FamilySearch Computer Lab.

And here's a sign from the book and photo scanning room.

I'm honored to announce that I've been asked to be an official blogger for next year's BYU Conference on Family History & Genealogy.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

Follow Friday ~ Fab Finds for October 2, 2015

My Fab Finds for this week are (in no particular order)
  1. Family Apple Tree by Emily Kowalski Schroeder, author of Growing Little Leaves
  2. 31 Days to Better Genealogy by Amy Johnson Crow, author of Amy Johnson Crow Blog
  3. 4th Annual SHARE A MEMORY Contest by Pat Richley-Erickson, author of DearMyrtle
  4. Rootstech Pass Giveaway by Jill Ball, author of GeniAus
  5. 7 Steps to Protect Yourself Against a Genealogist’s Worst Nightmare by Amie Bowser Tennant for RootsBid Blog
  6. New Tools for the Family History Writer by Lynn Palermo, author of The Armchair Genealogist
  7. 52 Questions in 52 Weeks: Writing about Your Life Has Never Been Easier by Steve Anderson for FamilySearch Blog
  8. Where are the probate records? by James Tanner, author of Genealogy's Star
  9. Straight Talk about the State of Indexing by Michael Judson for FamilySearch Blog
  10. Update: The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook by Thomas MacEntee, author of GeneaBloggers
  11. Find A Grave’s Community Day 17 October 2015 by Ancestry Insider, author of The Ancestry Insider
  12. DNA to the Rescue by Michelle Ganus Taggart, author of A Southern Sleuth
  13. OCTOBER IS FAMILY HISTORY MONTH–What do you know about your ancestors? by Diane Gould Hall, author of MICHIGAN FAMILY TRAILS
  14. Fire and Devastation! Reconstructing World War II Service by Jennifer Holik for Ancestry Blog
  15. Finding Family for my Photos by Becky Jamison, author of Grace and Glory
  16. Why I Have Genealogy Attention Disorder by Michael John Neill, author of
  17. Unexpected Depositors of the Little Rock Freedman's Savings Bank by Angela Y. Walton-Raji, author of My Ancestor's Name
  18. Family Photos – The End of the Story by Debi Austen, author of Who Knew?
  19. Slave Name Roll Project: RELEASING Will, Cintha, Delph, Cate, Darkis, Roas, Alesey, Chloe, Charlote, Feby, Jude, Peggy, Rick, Cuffey, Thomas, Sal, Easter, Jude, Lucy and Anthony by Cathy Meder-Dempsey, author of Opening Doors in Brick Walls
  21. The Book and the Old House, What A Find! by Barbara Poole, author of Life From The Roots

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